Moving address

I tried to start this blog again but something happened and it’s being held hostage by godaddy.

So I’m going to look for another option and will probably have another name.

It might be


I can honestly recommend never letting godaddy slip in between you and a blogging platform. They make it almost impossible to remember how to get in to one’s site, and they ask a lot of money to help you recover your information.





Still Nothing

I know, I said something would happen on this page. But no matter what people say, wordpress is extremely complicated and annoying. If you are really into endlessly watching tutorials about using the latest platforms, then you will undoubtedly get more out of it than I have.



Somehow, AbsoluteTrygve disappeared. And now I’ve switched platforms. But in chaos as usual, with a spotty internet connection, also as usual. So, please rest assured, something will eventually happen on this page.